• Smart Axle Monitoring + TPMS integration

    Trailer Watchdog's intelligent monitoring system tracks axles temperatures and tire data to preemptively notify you of any potential issues, preventing untimely events.

  • Suits all trailers

    Whether a camper, car hauler, boat, or horse trailer or whether you've got two, four, six or even eight wheels, Trailer Watchdog has you covered. Size doesn’t matter. Our technology works on all trailer types.

  • Use in ANY condition!

    Made in the USA with parts sourced internationally, all components of Trailer Watchdog are IP67 capable. So you don't need to worry when fully submerging your boat trailer at the ramp - Trailer Watchdog is keeping guard.

Active tire and axle temperature monitoring

TPMS is just one part of our comprehensive solution. Our innovative sensor design is compatible with all axle types, capturing axle temperatures at the base. The accompanying app then analyzes axle temperatures, air pressure, and tire temperatures across all wheels/axles, proactively alerting you to potential issues before they escalate. This means you can embark on long journeys with one less concern on your mind.

Easy to install

  • Water & dust proof
  • Suits all trailer types
  • Get near real-time axle temperatures
  • Monitor tire temp & pressure

Explore the product

Installs in roughly 1 hour

  • Mount modules (drill and screw x6)
  • Mount axle sensors (2-8 screw-clamps)
  • Route wires (sticky zip-tie mounts included)
  • Load the app (available in Google Play Store; coming soon to Apple App Store)
  • Screw on TPMS sensors
  • Pair TPMS sensors in app

Dual Axle Model Shown

*Dual Axle Model Shown

  • Turn your trailer into a smart trailer.

    This self-install kit is suitable for all trailer types, accommodating 1 to 3 axles and 2 to 6 wheels. Whatever you pull, we've got you covered.

    Find out more. 

“A complete trailer monitoring solution”

The Trailer Watchdog provides unprecedented peace of mind while towing either big and heavy multi-axle, or small single-axle trailers. Once you travel long distances with one, you'll feel blind without it. One less thing to worry about when Trailer Watchdog stands guard.

The TrailerWatchdog notified me of a wheel bearing that was getting hot while on a trip to the keys with my family. I've now bought one for each trailer I have!


When I pull my 35ft Donzi and triple axle trailer, the TrailerWatchdog lets me haul with one less thing to worry about.


The TrailerWatchdog lets me tow without constantly worrying about what's going on behind me, so I can keep my focus on the road. It's a must in my book.