“TPMS is only half of the picture!”

This venture was born out of my personal experiences, having spent countless years traveling back and forth to the Florida Keys. During my journeys along US1, I couldn't help but notice boat trailers stranded and broken down. It left me pondering why there wasn't a comprehensive system to monitor trailer axle and tire information. Inspired by this need, I embarked on a journey of innovation and creativity, resulting in the birth of TrailerWatchdog.

The TrailerWatchdog notified me of a wheel bearing that was getting hot while on a trip to the keys with my family. I've now bought one for each trailer I have!


When I pull my 35ft Donzi and triple axle trailer, the TrailerWatchdog lets me haul with one less thing to worry about.


The TrailerWatchdog lets me tow without constantly worrying about what's going on behind me, so I can keep my focus on the road. It's a must in my book.