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How does the TWD-1400 work?

Our distinctive sensor design enables compatibility with various axle types, capturing precise axle temperatures at their base. Subsequently, we conduct comprehensive analyses, comparing axle temperatures, tire air pressure, and tire temperatures across all wheels and axles. This proactive approach ensures you're promptly alerted to potential issues before they escalate into catastrophic events.

Will this work on my trailer?

The TWD-1400 is engineered to seamlessly operate with any trailer type, regardless of axle diameter or shape. Our one-of-a-kind sensor is universally designed to accommodate all trailer variations.

Will I need to remove my tires to install the TPMS sensors?

No, the TWD-1400 TPMS sensors are designed to screw on to your existing tire valve stem. Just load the app, screw on the sensors, and travel with a clear mind.

Can I use multiple phones with the TWD-1400?

Yes you can use multiple phones with the device, but only one phone is allowed to be connected at a time. 

Where is the TWD-1400 manufactured?

The TWD-1400 is proudly crafted in the United States using internationally sourced components. Every kit undergoes rigorous testing and verification to ensure it meets the highest standards before being shipped.

How is the TWD-1400 Powered

The TWD-1400 device is powered from your trailer running lights.

Is the TWD-1400 Hard to install?

The TWD-1400 can be installed within an hour with tools no more complicated than an electric drill and some simple hand tools.